The artist employs the technique of lost wax bronze casting for this sculpture which also contains hematites. The materials used in this work are of real quality. Its weight is 35,300 kilos; its height is 1,00 metres; 16 cm in width and 39 cm in length.

The price is u$s 150.000.


Great collectors recognize the spiritual value of art
in which the soul of the artist manifests itself in an unique piece obtained through lost wax casting. Certainly, to dismiss Noemi Pellegrino in the world of art would amount to deny her the value and the strength she attained as an artist. In fact, the spirit that she captures in this work now for sale reflects her soul.

We can even argue that in other of her well-known works we do not see the forcefullness that she reveals in this majestic piece.

It was in her 2300-hectare ranch south of the argentinian Patagonia where she built her magic world of illusion that contributed to her creation. In these surroundings, where the vastness of the land seems to blend with the horizon, she conceived her work celebrating a native. The imaginative piece was immortalized in bronze as an everlasting unique work of art to be appreciated by the whole world.

Her remarkable craft and lucidity of mind combine to make her an artist of an admirable personality, whose capacity in the field of art is undeniable. Certainly, to exhibit her work in art galleries will undoubtedly bring joy not only to the artist but also to those who appreciate it. Similarly, to own this unique piece will enrich the lives of those who acquire it.

It is important to emphasize that this work of art was made 15 years ago, but it is now that the artist decides to offer it for sale.